Yo, what’s up, fellow shredders? Welcome to PugMeisters, a tight-knit community of 1,500 full-send pugs who pledge to embrace ambition and adventure in the virtual world.

Our PugMeister NFTs are the ultimate collectibles, each one unique and packed with evolving benefits and utility that only get better over time. As a PugMeister holder, you’ll gain access to our exclusive club community and unlock new digital doors and opportunities that are only available to our crew. And, of course, you’ll represent your digital identity with a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork that’s truly non-fungible.

We’re the NFTimeLords, and our mission is to bring diverse communities together through artistic collaboration, creative innovation, and organic community building. In other words, we’re all about connecting people from different cultures, species, and spatial roots. And with our PugMeister NFTs, you’ll be a part of an inner circle that’s pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the virtual world.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the PugMeisters and become a part of our epic adventure. We’ll see you on the virtual streets!

Launch Pricing

PugMeisters starting at .01 ETH and stepped pricing roadmap available on our site. This rewards the ealiest adopters and generates excitement for our release date.

Note: Some early buyers will receive special free gifts!


Look for the PugMeister collection available starting June 4th, 2023 on OpenSea!

About PugMeisters

Yo, check it out! Meet RYE, the adventure-seeking pug with a gnarly thirst for exploration. From the moment he took his first breath, RYE dreamt of becoming an all-star athlete and fearless explorer who could take on the world with paws wide open.

Born and raised in the sunny Orange County, RYE grew up shredding rails and busting kickflips at the Costa Mesa skatepark. He even slammed game-winning shots against the Canucks during his teenage adventures in Canada. And you know this pup didn’t stop there. He ollied off the tall cascades of Yosemite and journeyed through every national park in the States.

But RYE’s skills weren’t just limited to the USA. This pup was invited to shred the busy streets of Shibuya crossing in Tokyo, the scenic mountains of Mount Fuji in Fujinomiya, and the arches of the Great Wall of China. He completed his international tour of Asia and then rested peacefully on the warm sand beaches of Bali until he spotted a massive tide forming in the clear ocean waters.

And what did RYE do? Without hesitation, he grabbed his skateboard and rode that riptide like a boss. No one had ever done it before, and RYE was the first to make history. After drying off his board, RYE was transported to a digitized, virtual reality world where his skills could reach even greater heights.

As he arrived in this new world, a crowd gathered to support him. RYE was stoked to share his charisma and prowess with a new circle of friends. And now, he’s determined to bring excitement and opportunity to this digital world, where the possibilities are infinite.

So, get ready to own a piece of RYE’s radical journey with our brand-new line of 1500 NFTs. Each NFT features a unique moment from RYE’s adventures, and you don’t want to miss out on the chance to be a part of this epic ride. Are you ready to shred with RYE? Let’s do this!

Alright, fellow shredders, here's the updated roadmap for PugMeisters that'll get you amped up to ride:



Kickflip Kickoff

We pay back our angel investors and show them that PugMeisters is the real deal.


Airborne Awakening

We release five PugMeisters via airdrop into the terrasphere, giving lucky PugHolders a chance to score some sick new additions to their collection.


Railslide Rampage

PugMeisters Radio goes live and commercial-free, hosted by none other than Rye himself. Tune in and let him spin the hits while you shred.


Threaded Thrash

Rye drops some serious gear and threads that'll make you look fresh on the virtual streets. Get ready to deck yourself out in style.


Treasure Tracer

Interactivity comes to Hangout image, and hidden treasures can be found, including ETH and PugMeisters. It's time to explore and see what kind of loot you can score.


Legendary Leap

PugMeisters becomes the most epic skate crew in the virtual world, and we celebrate by releasing a special limited edition PugMeister NFT with insane benefits that you won't want to miss out on.

Release Pricing

1 – 10 ( .01 ETH)

Free NFTimeLords Sticker

11 – 25 ( .02 ETH)

Free NFTimeLords Sticker

26 - 50 ( .03 ETH)

Free NFTimeLords Sticker

51+ ( .05 ETH)

Free LTD Edition T-Shirt* * While supplies last

Special Editions: ( .25 ETH and up)

Special Editions: ProSkate PugMeisters / Hockey PugMeisters

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